Escape Rooms are an exciting & challenging real life experience that enable small groups of people to use clues within and sometimes beyond the room to solve puzzles that allow them to escape the room.

Xcapade is the first suite of escape rooms in Australia to have linked all their game rooms together with an exciting, coherent theme, like blockbuster movies. Each room is uniquely different in its puzzles and decoration but are linked by the same intriguing story.


Corporate Booking

Escape Rooms are an excellent platform for problem solving, team building and communication, showing us the various way we all think. Organise your team building exercise with us and have an unforgettable experience.

*Catering is available at additional cost, please contact us for details of the menus and prices
*All corporate booking require a 20% deposit (non-refundable)

Special Occasion

Celebrate your special day with us. We can help you organise hens/bucks night, birthday parties and anything worth celebrating.

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- The Argus 1952 -

"If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear," So said Dr Frankenstein's monster in Mary Shelley's 1818 classic horror story, Frankenstein. These words will echo uncomfortably in your psyche as you launch yourself into rescuing a reporter friend, whose been investigating this local outrage, Can you rescue him from Frankie's Lab before the next lightning strike brings the monster to life. You have one hour!

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Apartment 73

Sherlock, an Investigative Reporter for the Argus, is a friend of yours, and has disappeared mysteriously from his apartment, you haven't heard from him for a while, so you drop around to see if he's alright, the door to 73 is ajar, so you let yourself in to check on him. The door slams shut behind you, you're trapped! You have one hour to find out what's become of Sherlock and find the trick to opening the door.

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Project Indigo

Project Indigo is a highly secretive division of ASIO, mainly because it is charged with investigation the paranormal and supernatural (read, Australian “X files”). They have had Sherlock under surveillance for some time now, in the mistaken belief that he’s linked to the crazy, Frankenstein like, quasi scientist from Laboratorium. Sherlock recently became acutely aware of this when they secretly snatched him near Laboratoium and whipped him into custody at a remote location. Your Mission is to discover the whereabouts of your friend Sherlock whilst avoiding becoming a casualty in the “highly explosive” Project Indigo Office (wired to self dest, in the event of a breach!) Good Luck.

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What if there is an emergency?

You are 100% safe! Not only we are watching your game but also there is an emergency key or button so you can exit at any time should the need arise.

Is it scary?

Not at all. Xcapade is about the enjoyment of a mental challenge. To solve the seemingly unsolvable. Nobody will give you a fright, jump out of the cupboard or anything silly like that.

What are the different rooms?

Each room has a unique theme and a corresponding set of puzzles. The concept of the game is the same, to escape in 60 minutes.

How many people can play it?

2 people can play, but we recommend 4 to 6 people.

I am claustrophobic. Can I play?

We think YES but obviously personal experience may vary. Our rooms are generously sized, high ceiling rooms. Although we lock the room you can come out at any time if you really want to by using the emergency key or button.

How much does the game cost?

It depends on the number of players, starting from $40 per person. Please refer to Price section for details.

Do I have to book?

Absolutely. Without prior booking you can't play. Please don't just turn up, we can't guarantee you a game.

How does booking work?

On our booking page, you will be asked to select the room you want to play, enter the number of players and choose the time slot.

Can we change the number of people in the team?

You can add more people to the team until the last minute. You will just have to pay the difference before your game starts.

Can I cancel or reschedule my game?

Xcapade is a live event with strict timing. Consequently, cancellation, postponement, reschedule and refund are not possible within 24 hours of the game. If you have an issue more than a day before the game, contact us and see what we can do.

I can’t use the booking system.

Please just email or ring us. We will sort you out.

When do I pay?

You pay at the time of booking, just like you do your online shopping with PayPal, VISA or MASTER card.

What should I wear?

Just normal clothes. Maybe just skip the high heels and the tie.

How do I get there?

We are located across the road from Fairfield Railway station, above a lovely café called Bean Counter. Please see the map on the bottom of this page in the Contact section.

Where can I park?

There is limited street parking available with a 2 hours limit, but there are other car parks, nearby.

What if we are running late?

The games start at a particular time. So if you start late, the next game would start late. So if you are running late, you will still be able to start your game but your game has to finish when your time slot finishes.



Monday - Sunday

2 PLAYERS – $40pp | 3 PLAYERS - $38pp | 4 PLAYERS - $36pp
| 5 PLAYERS - $34pp | 6 PLAYERS - $32pp

(additional players turn up on the day charged at $40 each)

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